London & Darwen


Sportswear hero, designer and collector, Gary Aspden embodies the British culture of the Eighties and Nineties.

From the hardened cities of northern England to the very heart of the UK capital, Gary describes his journey across the Country and the casual culture between different generations.

C.P. Company is, for sure, one of the iconic brand that defined what people call casual today. But as Gary quotes in the film, "there was nothing ‘casual' about it".

There's an old British saying that goes, "clothes make the man". In this case, clothes helped shaping an entire culture, which still resonates loud today. Much more than any trend, much more than fashion.



Internationally renowned graffiti artist, Mike “Cozek731” Rudaev have been active since the nineties. As an artist, he has a close relationship with his city. Of course it’s not just about living in Moscow and loving the city, it’s about changing its urban landscape, working with spray paint, posters and mixed media techniques.

His body of work is spontaneous, incisive and precise. His eyes are always exploring the city, in search of new spots to write with his crew A.d.e.d. (All Day Every Day).

To transform the city means subverting its rules, multiplying its narratives and re-writing the social and cultural context. That’s what Mike’s doing every day and every night.



Born and raised in Calvairate (Zona 4), a tough working class area in Milan, Rkomi is the main voice of the new and uprising Italian trap scene. In a 24 hours trip from his neighborhood to the shimmering skyscrapers of the city center he’ll guide us through the breath, the rhythm and the chaotic poems of his city.



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