C.P. Company presents Paris Mon Amour, the new chapter of Eyes on The City, the cultural project featuring Irish artist Rejjie Snow.

Walking in the streets of the French capital, Rejjie speaks about the deep link between him and the city: how important it has been for its creativity process and how it influenced his relationship with art.

Joshua Gordon, who has been directing the previous chapter in Dublin, follows Rejjie through the streets of a less-known Paris, far from the Tour Eiffel and the classic stereotypes related to the city.

It is a more authentic, a more realistic, point of view of the Ville Lumiere: a tour between the banlieues, graffiti artisits and how important the graffiti art has been for Rejjie's artistic education.

The French capital has come to live inside Rejjie’s music, its presence is heavy throughout last year’s debut album Dear Annie, on which the rapper wedded the whip-smart lyrical sorties and Irish-American brogue that have always marked him out from his peers with a newfound loverboy edge. “Going to Paris in my formative years really defined a lot of my understanding of the female,” he says. “Parisian women are so strong and powerful. My first time there, I saw them painting graffiti, driving buses – leading, I guess, in ways I hadn’t encountered before.” ‘Mon Amour’, a duet with Parisian singer Milena Leblanc, is the most obvious ode to the City of Lights.

Whether exploring it with his friends and a marker pen, solo with just a baguette for company, or with the girl who left enough of a dent to get a debut album dedicated to her, Rejjie can say that he is now able to walk through that second, living Paris. The one that remains off-limits to tourists, away from the dead-eyed ersatz city haunted and defined by the past. It’s a Paris of his own, one he’s still exploring but that he says he wants to be buried in; even if it’s North Dublin that will always feel like home. “This trip with C.P. Company has been great,” he says. “For me, it’s all about the memories right now, and this for sure was a great memory”.



C.P. Company presents A love letter to Dublin, a cultural project featuring the Irish artist Rejjie Snow.

Shot by his longtime friend, Joshua Gordon, in the streets of Dublin, his hometown, Rejjie is portrayed wearing the most iconic pieces of the C.P. Company SS019 collection: a contemporary reinterpretation of the brand’s iconic, original, colour palette of warm greys, khakis, military greens and navy blues, first developed in the 1980s to reflect the new role of military and sportswear in European urban subcultures.

It’s in the nature of cities to be absorbing, overwhelming places. Eventually and invariably people themselves become part of the manic, whirling rhythm of cities, which is how a city goes about making itself your home. There are benefits to this, of course, but as more time in the chaos accrues it’s tough not to lose your sense of perspective, an idea of what the city looks like to those outside. Often, the only time we see our cities for what they really are is when we go away and glance at them from a distance. Often, we best appreciate our cities as we hover in holding patterns over hometown airports, peering down at the array of lights below.

The images are accompanied by a new Eyes on The City episode shot in Dublin: a conversation between two friends through the streets of the city where they have grown up - faces, songs and real life are the protagonists.


@ewenspencer and @kubalereve

In the latest chapter of the Eyes On The City series, the acclaimed style and subculture photographer Ewen Spencer and his son, Kuba, are featured in their adopted city, Brighton.

A life through the lens. Ewen recounts his work as a photographer, his growth in the underground subculture, his passion for upcoming artists and personalities of Eighties and Nineties London scene.


Ewen’s work started documenting the UK garage and youth culture. During the years he became a worldwide know photographer, thanks to his collaborations with the most important fashion magazines in the world such as DAZED, VOGUE HOMMES and ARENA HOMME +.


His dedication to describe the reality, to stop an instant that can transport you somewhere else, has been the motivation of Ewen's life.

A life that brought him to Brighton, a city with a strong connection to an alternative counter culture and gave him the opportunity to pursue photography in the way he wanted and gave Kuba a place to explore and grow.


The photo camera, has been the storyteller of the father and son's relationship as well, of their growth as individuals. They are now together, facing the future, creating new pictures.



Critically acclaimed Korean rapper and musician BewhY has earned himself a reputation in recent years, both in his home country and the USA.

Having moved to Seoul over a year ago BewhY has witnessed firsthand the constantly evolving nature of the city he now calls home.

Changes that also reflect the similar meteoric rise of his own blossoming hip hop career. Offering a unique take on the urban surrounding of his adopted hometown BewhY reveals how he sees this city differently each day from a different perspective.

New York


The new chapter of Eyes On The City is dedicated to New York, seen by NOWHERE FC.

It follows Rocky Harwood into the streets surrounding Lion's Gate Soccer Field, New York City's famous street pitch which gave birth to Nowhere FC and Football Cafe.

NOWHERE FC is the American collective born in Manhattan that over the years has reinvented the idea of football jerseys.
The movement is built on the foundation of the multi-cultural diversity of NYC reshaping the idea of football with an independent point of view, collaborating with a range of brands, artists and athletes with a D.I.Y and artful approach.

Football culture and the expertise in dyeing processes are the strong links that have made the with co-lab C.P. Company real.



Internationally known simply as Nakai-San, Akira is the founder of Rauh Welt Begriff Tuning Shop (RWB) in the Chiba prefecture, not far from the north eastern Tokyo city limits. He his famous for building, by hand, some of the most amazing modifications on planet.

His passion for cars begun in the early Nineties’ Japanese drifting scene. At the end of the decade that passion became love for the tuning art.

Akira thinks customizing a car means, simply, freedom. The result may be slightly imperfect, but it has to be true, to be artisanal, to be beautiful. Tuning a car means seeing what you love with new eyes, it means also taking all your experience, learn from it, use it to create something new.

London & Darwen


Sportswear hero, designer and collector, Gary Aspden embodies the British culture of the Eighties and Nineties.

From the hardened cities of northern England to the very heart of the UK capital, Gary describes his journey across the Country and the casual culture between different generations.

C.P. Company is, for sure, one of the iconic brand that defined what people call casual today. But as Gary quotes in the film, "there was nothing ‘casual' about it".

There's an old British saying that goes, "clothes make the man". In this case, clothes helped shaping an entire culture, which still resonates loud today. Much more than any trend, much more than fashion.



Internationally renowned graffiti artist, Mike "Cozek731" Rudaev have been active since the nineties. As an artist, he has a close relationship with his city. Of course it's not just about living in Moscow and loving the city, it's about changing its urban landscape, working with spray paint, posters and mixed media techniques.

His body of work is spontaneous, incisive and precise. His eyes are always exploring the city, in search of new spots to write with his crew A.d.e.d. (All Day Every Day).

To transform the city means subverting its rules, multiplying its narratives and re-writing the social and cultural context. That's what Mike's doing every day and every night.



Born and raised in Calvairate (Zona 4), a tough working class area in Milan, Rkomi is the main voice of the new and uprising Italian trap scene. In a 24 hours trip from his neighborhood to the shimmering skyscrapers of the city center he'll guide us through the breath, the rhythm and the chaotic poems of his city.

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